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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Wild Chicken Cornered in Neighbors Garage . . .

. . . . B r e a k i n g . N e w s . . . S l i p p e r y . M i s s . t h e . R h o d e . I s l a n d . R e d . h a s . b e e n . c a p t u r e d . . . .

Yesterday after a four month chase, slippery miss the Rhode Island Red was captured in a suburban garage. For four months this cagey bird led coop authorities on a vehement chase through the back woods country. Not until a crisp frosty bite lay on the land was she ready to give up her freedom and go away peacefully.

The warden, with landing net in hand, has been quoted as being happy the chase is over, no more phone calls from nutty neighbors about little miss sightings.

I think his words were something like this . . . “Thank the good Lord, I was getting tired of those good deed doers and their criminal acts of harboring a known felon.

They all think slippery miss didn’t understand what all the fuss was. She was just trying to keep from being eaten, right? Then what did she use those claws for and that beak . . . ?

My man is in the hospital . . . And now she’s back to the spa. That’s right whoever heard of a coop, with single berths and hot and cold running water and being waited on, hand and foot by the coop guard.”

“Warden, isn’t that you?”
“Yea, you Pud. It’s me. I’m the guard, the poop scooper, feed fiddler and the water walker. I worry when it gets cold and I let her out in the yard when it’s nice. And what does she do, escape, from what? And all she does is drop an egg once in a while.”

Well folks there you have it little slippery miss is back in the pen, safe and sound . . . And the neighborhood can calm the hell down. Dreams are yours to share. Dan

Afterward . . . The neighbor truly was so happy her pet was back safe and sound from the weather. I even got a Merry Christmas for the trouble . . . Not half bad. Dreams are yours to share, really they are. Merry Christmas.

Dan Hanosh
Dreams are yours to Share

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