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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Winters Back in the North . . .

. . .

Today we got the first taste of winter, snow. It came down so fast. I put off cleaning my gutters, heck I’ve put off everything . . . I’m a blogger without a life. So it was raining down snow and I was two floors in the air chopping at the ice and leaves in the gutters. And it was a wet snow by the time I finished I was soaked clean through.

By then we had three inches in the drive, so I started my snow blower just to see if it would work. And like always, it started on the first pull. Eight passes and it was clean. Now it’s raining, should be great driving tonight when it turns back to snow again. No problem for the diesel 3500. I drive a hog and you know I don’t feel bad about it because I walk to work . . .

My neighbor called again . . . I saw her name on the caller-id. I knew what she was calling about. One of my chickens from the last batch was hanging around her house. It’s been there since August when she started feeding it. Now she wants me to catch it so it won’t freeze to death . . . How do I tell her it’s too late?

I knew way back in August, that her feeding it would probably kill it. Last time I tried to catch it, I couldn’t get close enough to snag it with the landing net. Funny, I’m sure it was one of the few that always used to come up to me and now I’m the enemy. I guess that’s that way it’s supposed to be, there are things that are worse than death, one of them is being all by yourself . . . That chicken she knows.

I used to butcher chickens, stopped long ago. I used to hunt. Now I enjoy watching more. It’s not easy to kill, not easy for anyone. I wish the pro lifers could understand what the free to choose people are saying . . . I believe in life and sometimes there’s just no getting around the fact . . . No mother wants to kill her kid and when they do, let me tell you something, that will follow them forever . . . I was here during the first go around with this issue. There are no winners only losers and so many were hurt and killed by those back room butchers . . . We can’t go back to that.

And those same people believe in the death penalty and war . . . What’s with that? You guessed right, I’m against them both. But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like a moment with that killer SOB, but then it’s just not for me to judge. And that is why I write today, we have choices, we can point and condemn or fix ourselves. I chose to be the best I can be, for me. And when I go into that voting booth, I won’t side with anyone for just one issue, but I will go with whoever believes most like me . . . Dreams are yours to share. Dan

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1 comment:

Ben said...

I love snow. Here in Ohio we haven't gotten any yet, but the forecast says we'll get three inches sometime this coming week.

I always enjoy reading your posts. I don't understand why it is so hard to find people who have a clear view of life. I guess humans like to live in delusion. Unfortunately, that type of thinking is hurting us as species.