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Saturday, April 5, 2008

And It Started With Nixon . . .

And It Started With Nixon . . .

. . .

My baby boy is still CANCER-FREE. He is recovering from Lung Surgery. He went under the knife for a supposed growth in his lungs . . . They took out good portion of one lung . . . And found nothing!!! That was a week ago. He was in the hospital four days. He’s doing great and recovering quickly . . . But I’m tired as hell. Stress has worn me out . . .

. . .

Wow . . . Ever thought we are just too smart, just to conniving? . . . My research has led me in some pretty strange places. From a movie called, “The Hoax” to E. Howard Hunt and Nixon and even Kissinger . . . I have yet to connect all the dots, but I can tell you already the marks form a complete circle . . . AND EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED.

Though, something still haunts me . . . I can hear voices, there yelling out to me . . . We could have won that war!!

And that’s the rub . . . Salt in the wounds. You see Vietnam was never about Communism. It was never about a righteous cause . . . War never is what they say. Every generation has to learn this for themselves . . . And it’s always so very painful. And then always there seems to be some ridiculous shallow person saying, “What would the population be without war?”

And I start to cry . . . Nature and the Lord will take care of that . . . This is an Elitist War . . . Created, waged by those who think they are better than everyone else. They think they’re better than the men and women they send to fight.

And when I start to write my words, it will be a work of fiction. And when I’m done, I’ll be tempted to take the manuscript to Washington and leave it at the foot of the great wall. And my tears will flow heavily . . . They gave so much and we were too busy to stop them.

Today we are back in a conflict brought on by their lies. No one ever knows why . . . But I can tell you, truth is a great pine tree stretching upward toward the sun. It’s needles droop weathered by the wind and rain. It sits among multitudes of scrawny saplings, all trying desperately to silence its voice. The pine stands alone, climbing high into the sky fighting for its right to subsist in a world of half-truths and misdirection.

And I wonder, do the restless spirits walk the night? Do they march the hallow grounds of Arlington? Do they crawl from their eternal beds or does our guilt keep them trapped roaming only in our thoughts?

Dan Hanosh
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Peter said...

Hi! The news about your son is FANTASTIC and I'm so HAPPY for the both of you. I wish your son a speedy recovery and I hope that you're OK.

Take Care,

Julie said...


I am so happy for your son. And for you and the rest of your family. I know the stress involved with cancer.

You should take a day for yourself now and go fishing. Find your quiet place.

My thoughts are with you all,