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Monday, July 30, 2007

Let's take a hike together . . .

. . .

For so long I’ve dreamed of hiking the Appalachian Trail, the AT. For so long I’ve wanted to hike that trail and haven’t . . . To go from Georgia to Maine, to follow the path that so many have trudged.

I probably won’t, but it keeps tearing at me. Maybe it’s the freedom I seek or maybe it’s tying me to the past. What was it like living in the 1700’s in the states?

Maybe a two thousand mile hike is a pilgrimage to find oneself? Maybe it’s just in knowing you finished it or just in knowing you tried. Is it the beauty or nature picking at you?

I know why I won’t . . . The reasons stack up so easily. I can’t commit for six months. I’m too Old, can’t do it alone. I weigh too much, haven’t got the funds. Maybe I fear trying, fear failing. It’s not the right time, but then when would be? What about my writing? My blogs?

Well, I could get in shape. It would give me a goal. I could blog along the way. Maybe I could go after my novel is done. Maybe start planning and see? I don’t have to go, but if I did I could probably go next February or March? But you won’t finish . . . I don’t have to finish, I just have to start.

Maybe I’ll just start with a plan and see where it takes me . . . Maybe I’ll just start with moving one foot.

And go one step at a time . . . Hikers Journals – 2007

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1 comment:

Julie said...

Hi Dan!

This is a really great dream you have. Maybe you could break it down into 1-month sections. That way you wouldn't have to commit 6 straight months. And you could write a fantastic blog along the way.