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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

To Be Or Not To Be . . .

. . .

Several years ago I followed several AT thru-hikers on their attempt to complete the AT. So many try and a very select few ever complete the two thousand mile journey. I was curious . . . Why does someone attempt such a feat? Why do they fail?

Trail Journals

And I came away with my own answers from so many as I followed them. The trip is their Mt. Everest. They want to be different and don’t believe anything can stop them. And they want to prove it . . . We all strive to be different, we all believe we are.

What beats so many thru-hikers? It’s always the same . . . Themselves. Sure they have injuries, depression, loneliness sets in, shortage of funds or maybe time. But in the end it’s always the same, they just stop walking. Everyone rationalizes why . . . Most come back for another try. It’s just something huge they’ve left undone.

Now, if I resolve myself to hike . . . That’s if the wife let’s me, if I can find a way to duck my responsibilities for a while . . .

The end will not be as important as having started. It won’t be as important as the hikers I meet along the way or of their stories . . . I know I’ll have to stop at the place where Audi Murphy died . . . I have to give my respects to a WWII hero. And I know I’ll have to take pictures and blog along the way . . . And write poetry, Journal and write letters, for that’s who I am

. . . I’m a writer, I write.

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