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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Every Parent Does It . . .

. . . Why?

Why do we live life through our children? I did when my kids were younger. There really is nothing terribly wrong with it, except we’re setting ourselves up for some tough times. Empty nest syndrome . . . Yup there’s a name for it. Apparently we forget we live a separate life from theirs. I know this first hand. It’s hard to sever the rope.

Somehow, I think our rope anchors us to the pressures to stop searching for our own dreams. As a parent from that first bath in the hospital, we have had to be responsible for another human being . . . And it’s hard to follow a dream when pounding out a buck.

I see it now, now that I’m on the outside looking back . . . We do everything to better our kids, thinking we’re doing it for them. But really, we’re doing for us and we’re just setting them up for failure. Our expectations are so very high. And somewhere we forget to show them how to be happy, how to follow their dreams . . .

And the cycle continues. All that comes to mind is a song written by Harry Chapin, Cats in the Cradle . . .

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