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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

It's Time To Get On With My Own Dreams

I have been sitting on a Galley, a typeset manuscript of my new poetry book, “Sleepless Nights.” It’s been sitting here waiting for me to reread it and check everything. I found one error and stopped, knowing I would have to do it all over again . . . Somehow I let the wind come out of my sails.

That’s not the only reason . . . Fear has raised its head again. It always does before a book comes out. And for a moment I had to pause. You see, it’s not easy putting your deepest thoughts out for everyone to judge. And so I made excuses, my favorite is partly true. I wanted to finish the final edit of my novel, “Sins of a Father” before the dance begins, marketing dance . . . And today I realize, it won’t be done before “Sleepless Nights” is published.

And truthfully, that’s ok because my work is only done when I say it’s done. I’m my toughest critic.

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