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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Garages and the baggage we carry . . .

Yesterday, I heard that most garages aren’t being used to house the family car, but rather the stuff we buy. Garages are a place for stuff . . . Material things have become a quest in our lives. Instant gratification . . . Rarely do things make any of us happier.

And somewhere, somehow it always comes back to our search to be happy . . . Baggage is the stupid things we carry for whatever reason. We remember others misdeeds against us. Sounds rather insane, but we all carry grudges, burdens for so many years. One little word taken out of context can swell, wipe out any friendship even families. Why?

Because we don’t always think before we act. Sometimes we just fail to communicate, fail to thank someone or fail to be there for someone. Why is this important?

Simply because we’re not going to care how much money we have in the bank when it comes to our time to take that final nap. We’ll be more interested in memories, family and friends. We hope they’ll come see us in our final days, but that’s really not likely . . . For we are afraid of death and dying, and we never get to close, maybe it’s catching. Who knows?

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