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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Honor Thy Parents, Remember Their Dreams . . .

Yesterday, I went to an 80th birthday party for my Aunt. She has eight kids. I can’t even imagine eight kids today. But theirs just something about a large family that makes it special . . . That is if they remain close. So often we let time and distance part us, take away the gift that we’ve been given.

Anyway the kids threw this party . . . They invited their in laws and many friends of my Aunt. It was sort of an Honor Thy Parents Day, in laws included . . . It was rainy but that didn’t stop the festivities.

There were so many people and some how over the years my Aunt had touch these people. There were so many cousins I haven’t seen in so long. And the stories flew . . .

And it dawned on me that my family some how had missed the point . . . We were close and yet, and yet we never thought to throw such a doings for my mom before she lay down that last time. I wonder if it would be wrong to have one, now.

I think my Dad might really get a kick out of seeing the friends that don’t come by anymore. That’s just the way life is . . . I wonder why I never thought of it, before this. I’m embarrassed to say, I never did.

It was sort of a pre-death party . . . That sounds so morbid. Let me explain. Everyone’s life enters its twilight and we fail to celebrate with friends and family. Sure we do it at funerals, but . . . That’s just not the same. Why not have one last fling, a time to bring friends around and just enjoy the day? For Friends and Family were around to share the good times, they were around for those not so happy ones . . .

And so the day was not one of gifts, but one of sharing favorite foods, drinks and companionship. You see we are just special memories and reliving them on a special day builds more special memories . . . Thank you my cousins for allowing me to share with you, special memories revisited. Dreams Are Yours To Share

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