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Saturday, August 25, 2007

In Training, Dream Training . . .

. . .

That’s right. I’m in training. I’m a hundred pounds over weight, a long way to go before I can take my turn on the AT. I am working on weight loss, strength training and endurance and then I can set out on a six month sojourn into the unknown.

Trail Journals - 2007

I have time. I’m in no hurry . . . Currently I am walking two large laps around the neighborhood and have increased my pace. When I started three weeks ago, I had trouble with a much smaller lap. I would like to tell you I’m doing five miles a day but it’s probably more like three at the high side. Someday I will clock it, but at this point there really isn’t any need. I know my muscles are tightening, but my weight is remaining the same. When I was younger, I would have lost fifteen pounds by now.

I will lengthen my route, maybe add another lap or add another session when I can. Currently I’m finishing the final edit of my novel, “Sins of a Father”. That takes first billing over my hike. It’s keeping me too busy to add another session just yet. Today I am planning to start free weight training . . . Nothing elaborate, just a start.

I’ve been reading Trail Journals and I know most people fail to finish because of injury. Training should help me with this . . . Everyone says after six weeks on the trail, you’ll get your trail legs, then it will get easier.

If and when I do my hike, I plan on blogging as far as I get . . . We’ll see. I’d like to capture what the AT means to those that cross its path. I want to capture their personalities, character traits that draw them there. I want to share their stories.

A hundred pounds seems so far away . . . Although I’ve lost fifty pounds once before, I know I can do it, let’s do it together . . . Dreams Are Yours To Share.

Dan Hanosh
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