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Friday, August 31, 2007

Is your dream to one day travel . . .

. . .

Have you traveled through the south in the fall? Seen the farmers picking cotton, putting it into large bales, have ya? Have you been to Maine on a lobster boat, watching fishermen haul in their catches? Have ya been to a rodeo, heard the cowboys grunt in pain as they are thrown by a bull, have ya?

Have you looked to the night’s sky, saw the stars from a darkened Kansas road? Have you fished a Montana river as the snow fell in the mountains? Have you searched a beach for cat’s paws and spiny jewels? Have you walked that famous path from Georgia to Maine?

Have Ya? Is your dream to one day travel? What are you waiting for? Death . . . The cemeteries are filled with could-ofs and should-ofs.

It has been said time after time that everyone has at least one novel . . . What does mean if it lies down with you that last time?

I have no regrets . . . I’ve lived a life well lived. How about you? It’s not too late to live . . . Dreams Are Yours To Share.

Dan Hanosh
Dreams are yours to Share

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