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Sunday, September 2, 2007

In Training For A Dream . . .

. . .

I’m in training . . . That’s right for the AT. I walk every day. I started at the beginning of August. It’s been my dream to one day walk the Appalachian Trail, the AT trail from Georgia to Maine. At first I thought I just needed to set foot on the path. Now I know, that’s not who I am . . . I need to finish. And so I’m in training . . .

And so I walk each day around my neighborhood . . . I started with a half lap. I’m up to three laps, 5.3 miles a day. And my dream is changing . . . At first I wanted to take six months, now I know I have to do it in four. And that’s roughly 18.3 miles a day . . . Call it twenty miles a day for 120 days.

Today I’m over weight, by about 100 pounds. Since I’ve started training, I’ve lost 7 pounds. This is important to me, not the weight loss but the journey the change in life style. I don’t believe this is just going to be the AT, but maybe hiking Europe, the Pacific Trail, who knows where this is going to take me.

And at each turn I will write the stories of those I meet. I was thinking of 2008, and now I’m thinking February of 2009 . . . That gives me enough time to get everything together.

A trip of this nature requires that everything be put in order . . . Any projects that are underway must be put to rest, finished. My books have to be finished and others put on hold, along with the planning for the trip, those things on and off the trail. And so I am readying myself mentally as well as physically.

I once thought 100,000 words were a lot, it’s not. 2200 miles seems like a lot . . . I have never failed and so someday I will write from the end of this trail . . . Dreams Are Yours To Share

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