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Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Good Always Go First . . .

. . .

Yesterday I went to a funeral . . . Normally I would have felt everyone’s pain and cry like a baby, but I didn’t and I’m afraid . . . I’m afraid my heart is growing cold.

Six years ago my mom died . . . And it took me six years not to feel the pain. She was my mentor, my friend and I hurt so. I gained one hundred pounds in that time, gained fifty pounds in the five months battling my son’s CANCER . . .

I cringe when I hear someone talk of obesity as a disease . . . Maybe it is and maybe they don’t understand us yet? CANCER is a disease, obesity, alcoholism, gambling, addiction are symptoms of a state . . . Judging others is a state, a state of mind . . . Somewhere we think our opinions are better than everyone else’s . . . There not, they shouldn’t be should they? I don’t think mine is. I believe it has the same weight as all the others.

And so what do we all have in common? What does war, persecution, intolerance, obesity, alcoholism, gambling, addiction have in common? Self Abuse, UNHAPINESS . . . Where have our dreams gone? . . . We are searching for pleasure in all the wrong places. We are looking for a moment’s joy to stop the twitches of pain that pounds in our thoughts.

Henry David Thoreau wrote of solitude. Let me paraphrase a little . . . A farmer at work in his field alone happily sings a song to himself and at home that night with just the four walls, he cries himself to sleep . . . Man is a complex being, our baggage haunts us all the days of our lives.

If we are so happy, would we drink excessively? Maybe, maybe not . . . Would we gamble? Would we over eat? Would we do anything that would take away our happiness?

Yesterday in church, I couldn’t feel the pain. It scares me so . . . My Aunt died. She is gone forever. She was everything good on this earth. She was a mother to everyone, she cared about everyone. I will miss her . . . The good people always seem to go first, why?

Dan Hanosh
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