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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Poof . . . There It Goes Again

Yesterday and still today my SBC DSL Line has been dropping me off the internet, pretty ridiculous in this day and age. So here I am stranded somewhere between normal and FUBAR . . .

So I can’t visit sites like I would . . . I can’t post like I normally do. I hope readers understand . . . But it’s just the flip of that proverbial coin and I got tails . . .

And if this post makes it, I have to confess, I can’t make it to everyone’s site . . . I just can’t, I would like to and I try to get to the most active ones, each and everyday . . . Those are the ones I see on my travels, run in along the way.

I always try to leave a comment . . . Most are all the same, but isn’t the view of your site more important than my shout . . . ? That’s what I thought. If not I’ll spend more time creating comments and less time at sites.

My hair is just getting past my shoulders, let me explain . . . My son had CANCER . . . But even before, I grew my hair for Locks of Love . . . There is nothing worse than a child being starred at because their hair fell out . . . For some this might not seem such a big deal, but it is for a kid, but you know they have more than their share of heart aches. And to know someone went out of their way for them has to make them feel just a bit better, wouldn’t you think?

When my son started Chemo last year, I shaved my head . . . I thought it would ease his pain. And you know, he won’t say, but I really think it did . . . So far he is CANCER-FREE.

But let me tell you just a little bit about illness . . . Friends and Family stop coming when they find out you have CANCER . . . It just happens, not everyone, but most everyone. I don’t know what it is, but just when you need them most, they don’t come . . . Maybe they don’t want to burden you, but truthfully, it feels like they don’t want to catch whatever you have.

I’m so proud of my son. He was a trooper all through it. Most of it lasted just five months, but it was five months of hell. Chemo weekends, radiation, surgery. Your time is on a schedule, theirs . . . Children’s Hospital and Froedtert in Milwaukee, were the best. Surgery was supposed to last twelve hours, the five surgeons were done in eight. Eighty-five staples, removal of parts of four ribs, half a shoulder blade and lots of muscle. They had to insert pieces of coat fabric to cover the missing ribs. Then they moved back muscle to the side. Thank the Good Lord for Insurance . . . Ever wonder what happens to those without? They do without . . . They die.

Six months of physical therapy, all during his Senior year in high school. Ha Hoo . . . HA Hoo . . . It’s over. Now he goes back every four months for tests and so far after one year he is still CANCER-FREE . . .

My son, Bless his heart, he turned down Make-A-Wish . . . He thought they should give his wish to someone who needed it more than him . . . Make-A-Wish in Wisconsin, never turns down a child’s wish . . . They are remarkable. They pay for trips anywhere in the U.S. They pay for DREAMS that the child patient would not ordinarily be able to have. Sometimes it’s the only thing a child has to pull him out of the dumps.

And I’m growing my hair once again. And again it will go to Locks of Love . . . And I could write volumes on the comments I get from those closest. But I just say, ever see a kid with no hair . . . ? No, I rest my case.

It’s such an easy thing to do, but so is being an organ donor and many of us, don’t even do that . . . But I do. Dreams are yours to share.

Dan Hanosh
Dreams are yours to Share

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shyloh said...

What a wonderful story. What an incredible story about your son. Oh my thoughts are so with all of you and many blessings. I agree with you about all you have wrote. *hugs*