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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Where do you go to think . . .

Where do you go to think?

There is a place not far from my home, up the road and down the hill a piece. Too far to walk and yet I would. This place is mine, not mine alone mind you, but through isolation it sits, secluded back in the woods.

You have to follow the tar covered path and yet it’s far enough back that few ever travel to see its inner beauty. We have become, too busy to see, too busy to feel . . . And yet I hike along this course to its end. There sits a small circular house of stone, built to protect the treasure it holds . . . Inside bubbles a spring, the clearest waters one could ever behold, to taste.

Up through the earth spilling out to a pond, where the waters churn and the most beautiful of fishes swim and bask in the rays of the sun. And all around this natural wonder winds the black pavement, following its every whim.

Along its path there sits a bench beckoning me to sit and yet it beckons any one to sit that wanders its path. Dreams are yours to share.

Dan Hanosh
Dreams are yours to Share

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Peter said...

Well done, again! We all have a place that we go to in order to reflect on our lives. Be it a special place like yours or somewhere within our mind, that takes us back to the special times.

Peter McCartney

Julie said...

I have two places I go to think:

1. The beach. I live 5 miles from Surfside Beach on the Gulf of Mexico. The waves crashing, the sea gulls talking to one another, and the salty breeze all make for an excellent thinking place.

2. When I am home visiting in northern Mississippi, I drive up the Natchez Trace Parkway a few miles into Tennessee to a place called Rock Spring. It sounds a lot like your thinking place. You meander down through the woods on a paved path, cross a wide creek over stepping stones, walk around a real beaver dam, and end up at a big rock where clear, cold water comes pouring out. There are benches set up all along the way so you can sit and think and pass a little time. And each fall, the entire site fills with hummingbirds on their migration route southward. This beaver pond and spring is a favorite stopping off place for the hummingbirds. If you are ever in the South, make a point to stop at this wonderful spot. Here is a map of the Natchez Trace. Rock Spring is located near the Tennessee/Alabama border.


Forest Parks said...

I like to plug myself into a music player and then think on my 30min walk to work.

Sometimes I take a nice walk around the park too.