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Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Fire Continues . . .

. . .

For ever I was taught that you couldn’t follow your Dreams and have a family, a home, a job, a normal life. It doesn’t have to be that way . . .

You can Dream again, you can wake up every day excited to be alive . . . I do. My Dreams were unknowingly put on ice so long ago and then I woke up . . . Today I live everyday as though it is my last. I live everyday knowing I’m doing what I truly love . . . I’m writer. How cool is that? Six years ago I couldn’t carry a thought and now I have written over a hundred thousand words in my novel . . .

I write with passion of the things I love, the things that need to be said. My novel sits here, unfinished . . . Because there’s something more pressing that needs to be done. We need to find ourselves again . . . We need to be great again . . . To share again without fear, just love. My novel is close. I work on it every day, from 12 midnight to three or four in the morning. And the rest of the time, I blog . . . I blog for my message . . . And I am excited, I feel it in the air, it’s like a cool breeze on a hot sultry day. The chill that built this country is alive. It’s in every unselfish thing we do . . . Feel love, I do.

Dreams IN Motion . . .
Today I have another two to add to our list. Another two Dreamers IN Motion . . . The fire is starting. Can you feel it? It’s contagious and everyday I love looking at my emails and wondering if there will be another brave soul willing to share their deeds with us . . .

Today aksnlp3r has emailed me . . .
I dream a lot, and sometimes wonder if acting out my passionate goals would inspire others or just get a shrug-off.

I do give a buck or 2 to the needy, i give away every unessential clothing item as well, even my *expensive* Levi's. I was once living in less than average conditions so I know how it feels to the people who go ignored, without that push of humanity that’s needed. Everyone should do something good everyday and forget selfish desires!

I will be following your blog from now on! Keep up the noteworthy, heart-filled posts!

Also Moonshadow has felt the stirrings . . .

Dan, I and my family do our best to be good neighbors, no matter whose neighborhood we're in. Just the other night we woke a man to let him know some horses were in the road. Fortunately they turned out to be his. My husband often sends donations to places in need. Every time I turn around my son is helping SOMEONE out.

Moonshadow has graciously posted her deed on her blog . . . Share the love and read of the brave deed. Yes, brave deed . . . So many times, we fail to act because we fear the unknown, ridicule or fear itself. Moonshadow acted on a dark Kansas night . . . It gets very dark in Kansas. I lived there once, long ago in cowtown.

Each and every Dream IN Motion is just as important as all others . . . It’s in the act of kindness toward others that make us great!

Soon I will announce a contest . . .
I’m not sure of the details yet. But I think the prize will be a copy of my latest poetry book, Sleepless Nights. I’m thinking somehow that you need to be the Judges. That you need to vote for the Dreamer IN Motion of the month, not me . . . So the details are yet a little sketchy, but I want you to know, there coming. Dreams are yours to share. Dan

Dreamers IN Motion . . .

The Cause . . . Dreams IN Motion . . .

So here’s what I’m asking . . . Find one thing that you can do to change the world. It can be a small thing as waving or making one new friend . . . But here’s the kicker. Whoever, whatever has to grow, pass it on . . . Any Action very often passes itself on all by itself. Give it a try.

Possible Dreams . . .
give a buck to a homeless person
say hi to a child or wave
start a neighborhood food drive
have a neighborhood picnic
start a neighborhood watch group
volunteer for a service club
build a habitat home
have a neighborhood dance
or just be a friend . . . Share the love with Human kindness.

Whatever you do, let me know . . . Leave a comment at any of my blogs and I’ll put you on a link list on Dreams are yours to share . . . Oh and keep it going . . . Write about your project on your blog and keep the Dream, don’t let Our Dreams IN Motion die . . . Dreams are yours to share.

Dan Hanosh
Dreams are yours to Share

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My Mission . . . Dreams are yours to share is dedicated to DREAMS, learning to dream again, learning to be happy again. Everyday we are bombarded with unhappiness, news of wars, killings, lies and deceit. And no where can we go to balance the load . . . My message is simple, change only happens when we change. Happiness is contagious and it stops wars dead . . . Find you bliss, follow your dreams, live a life with no regrets . . . Dreams are Yours to share.

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