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Friday, November 9, 2007

We need a gun toting kind of a man . . .

. . .

Who do you go to when you have a problem? Who rides in on the twilight, saving the day? John Wayne died, did anyone take his place? Andy Griffith is busy with life . . .

Where have we gone? I’m lost . . . In a world of so many how could we feel so alone?

I was asked to go to a spiritual discussion group and I joined and now I’m Pending, pending approval . . . What is that? Are we all afraid of words? Afraid things won’t go as we think they should? As kids when we had disagreements we took the ball and went home.

Ok enough of the wallowing, here’s the way it is . . . All the problems around us, around the world are our own faults. That’s right. When’s the last time you told those around you specifically what you meant? No lies, no deception, no mis-informational BS . . . Shoot I’m still trying to figure out certain individuals.

Who am I to say that . . . I am a writer that’s tired of the way we’re heading, tired that we’re not looking out for the kids and the precious things we’ve been given. I know the risk, I know . . . Still my message is my Cause and it’s worth everything. Do you live life with a cause? Something that’s so big that you don’t mind the little setbacks?

Why did they destroy Michael Vick? Why did Don Imus have to go? What is the hate all about? I don’t have any of that . . . I must be blessed. Why did THE DOG’s words become so evil?

I grew up on the playground. DOG crew up in prison . . . The playground is a kind of prison for kids. We came from all walks of life. Thieves, criminals, blacks, whites, pimps, perverts . . . Get the picture. It was a mixed family of sorts and the words were colorful . . . I remember having specific words and picking myself up off the court. That was our law and afterwards we were good friends . . . The “N-word” flew around as though it were a thing of beauty. Today we’re so afraid . . . Afraid of what? That word has always been associated with scum . . . Not the way we think of it today . . . But what power we’ve given a word, why?

Hate destroys and it unites people in a cause . . . Do you believe in Evil vs Good? Who’s going to win?

Did I say I’m white and those thieves, criminals, blacks, whites, pimps and perverts were my friends at time when I needed to break away from the hate. And let me say, the best players never play on a team . . . Why?

We need a gun slinger . . .

Dreams IN Motion . . . A pony tail of love

Last year was so hard. My son was diagnosed with the Big-C in April. And the summer was endlessly slow, with Chemo Weekend Holidays at Children’s Hospital in Milwaukee and five weeks of daily doses of radiation at Froedtert Hospital. When my dearest one’s hair, began to fall from his head . . . We shaved our heads too, my boys and me.

And do you know, so many thought I was battling CANCER. Then in September my boy went under the knife . . . Eight hours later, he was short four ribs, half a shoulder and several muscles were relocated . . . My boy is a fighter. The doctors, surgeons all five of them, couldn’t believe how quickly he rebounded . . . A year later and my boy is CANCER-FREE.

And do you know something, when you get CANCER friends stop being friends. They simply stop coming . . . But some become family . . . You see I am a finder of lost sheep, I pickup strays that have lost their way. And I give them love and guidance. Through my son’s ordeal, my family was four and today we our five strong . . . My third son is my oldest boy’s friend and I love him as my own. He is included in all family decisions, for he was there when we needed someone. Thank you my friend, my son.

I have been growing my hair since the surgery . . . I will donate it to Locks of Love, once again. No child should feel the cruel hate, other kids share unknowingly. It’s such a small thing, but those are the things that make the difference . . .

Dreamers share your deeds and spread the seed . . . Hope is all around us. Dreams are yours to share. Dan

Dan Hanosh
Dreams are yours to Share

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