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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Two Years Ago, I Started On A Journey . . .

. . .

Two years ago, I started on a journey. I started writing my second poetry book, “Sleepless Nights”. It is a culmination of everything I hold dear, everything I love. It started with words, late nights and tired days.
And in its midst, I had to stop for a battle of sorts, no it was a war . . . The kind no parent wants to have, no parent should have, although I think it brought about my best poetical work, “I Should Have Screamed”. And in the end, it finished as a dedication of sorts to a very good friend, my nephew Chris Appel.

And one Saturday, I had a chance to give him a copy of our book. A moment I will remember as long as I breath.

Captured a shared moment of my dream with my little buddy, Chris, our book, “Sleepless Nights”, my brainchild and ours to share.

Two years of work, poetry about life, loves and hardships. And I got the chance to share a few moments and write with my little friend.

For me “Sleepless Nights” gave me a chance to write with my little buddy, Chris and to share some very special moments, from a very special individual. At the age of 17, my little buddy was battling MS. Today he can’t walk without someone’s help . . . In all the years that I’ve known him, I have never seen anyone with such a great outlook on life. He is my role model, my hero . . . The reason I write.

“Sleepless Nights” gave me a chance to bring together everything I love. From the cover, a picture of a place I go when I need to be alone. To the back cover, a picture of my little buddy and me, sharing a moment discussing what we’ll write next, available in Hardback and soft cover for a memento or for pure enjoyment.

“Sleepless nights”, is a continuation of my first book, “The World Outside My Window”. It pierces deeper into my heart, my soul releasing my most intimate thoughts. During the writing I found many truths, about myself, about friends and oh yes family. Throughout life we gain burdens, baggage and sins. One day they will rise and then we’ll have to deal with them. Rest assured the journey leads us to the happiness that we seek, to dream once again.

I am a self published poet. I will always be a self published poet . . . A poet with a message. Dreams are yours to share. Dan

Dan Hanosh
Dreams are yours to Share

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Anita said...

Great post... and I'm enjoying the book! :)